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A few years back, our project was scanning and saving digital images of archival lighthouse photos to share with the lighthouse community. 

In April & May, 2007, we went to  Wash. DC to continue scanning at the Coast Guard Historian's Office.  I believe we have over 3000 photos of lighthouses from that office.  We have been there three times now with help from a grant.  Although we thought we would not be able to go back due to dwindling funds, thanks to Candace and Mary Louise Clifford, we were able to go back in May (a fourth trip) and pretty much finish our scanning
there.  I wouldn't mind spending 2 or 3 more days in that office... there are a few more photos I'd like to scan, but I believe I have most of the
important archival lighthouse photos in their files.

(NOTE: when we scan at the CG Historians Office, we give them back their photos on CDs.)

We were able to get a nice amount of funding, but still we had to reach into our funds to be able to eat and travel the Metro.  To go on these trips
 I also sold personal items and my own collectibles on ebay as well as having a garage sale.

My daughter Colleen and I also spend one day at Archives II in College Park MD, where the photos are kept.  Although it was a learning experience,
we were not able to accomplish much on our first trip.  Although it would be wonderful, I doubt if I ever will get back..
I have also in the Fall/Winter of 2007, been to the National Archives in Seattle and San Bruno California and have scanned the small amount of lighthouse photos that each office has.

WE have self published our four books:
"List of All Existing U.S. Lighthouses"
"Lighthouses of the Hawaiian Islands"
"Lighthouses of Florida"
"Lighthouses of Alaska"

We have started work on:
"Lighthouses of Puerto Rico"  
(Los Faros de Puerto Rico)

This could be a very special book, as there is not much current information out there
 on these lighthouses.  The only way we can publish this book is if we can find a publisher, a backer or a grant.
  If anyone has any ideas, we would appreciate it.
We are gathering archival photos to go with our photos.