The Lighthouse People


Our trip to the West Coast and on the Schooner Zodiac
October 2005

I love Autumn leaves and really miss them.
Whenever I get the chance I wade through them
maybe even jump in them a bit.

Bob and our friends Tom and Darlene Chisholm
on board the Schooner Zodiac

Bob at Patos Island Washington.
I made him take off his dorky hat.

New Dungeness Lighthouse.
It is at the end of a 7 miles sandspit.
Usually people have to hike to it,
but we went ashore in a small boat.

Patos Island Lighthouse with
Schooner Zodiac behind it.

Schooner Zodiac
photo by Tom Chisholm


Sandra at the helm of Schooner Zodiac.
The wind was blowing hard and it was a
pretty exciting hour for me.


Sandra at the helm, Captain Tim giving orders.

Bob and I with Patos Island Lighthouse behind us.

Sandra at Point Wilson Lighthouse.


Bob & Sandra going ashore!

Schooner Zodiac

After Heidi and Mark picked us up, we went to
Pike Market in Seattle.


Heidi and Bob on the trail to
North Head Lighthouse, Washington.







Heidi took us to the Oregon Coast.

So beautiful!