The Lighthouse People

FL 27.  Cape St. George Lighthouse, Florida

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Update: Friday, October 21, 2005, this 153 year old Lighthouse had fallen into the water. 
(the below photo is not for sale)
Cape St. George Lighthouse has been rebuilt
on St. George Island.


Above photo and great article online by Ed Tiley from

Cape St. George, 1989

Cape St. George, 1996

The second photo is the result of storms and surf. 
After that, the remainder of the keepers house was been totally demolished by hurricanes,
 as was the little oil house.  Due to the hard work of dedicated people, 
the lighthouse was stabilized on a concrete bed, and standing upright again.
 However the Gulf of Mexico and storms have been eating away at the beach and Cape St. George Lighthouse is in danger again.
A lighthouse friend, Bruce Robie took the photos below on June 21, 2004.

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