WI 6.  Michigan Island Lighthouse, Wisconsin
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WI 6-A, Michigan Island
This first photo , was taken on our first trip.  We, along with two other lighthouse enthusiasts, chartered a small plane.  I really like this view.  And I got VERY airsick on this flight.  There were a few minutes when I truly thought I wouldn't make it.  My co-passengers said I really did turn green.  It took several days to get over it.

WI 6-B, Michigan Island
This is the second lighthouse built on Michigan Island and I wish I knew more of its history, where it came from, etc.  I believe two different parts of the building have two different dates.

WI 6-C, Michigan Island

This is the first lighthouse built on Michigan Island
 and I believe it was replaced because it was not tall enough.

When we went out there, because we could not afford to charter a boat for the amount charged, Apostle Island Cruise Lines let us pay a smaller amount and they would take us as they did other charters and deliveries.  For the first few, we just went by them, but for this one, they dropped us off for several hours and we had a wonderful time wandering around, talking to the volunteer docent that was spending the summer, and finally exploring the beach while we waited for our boat ride back to Bayfield WI.  It was a wonderful adventure.  I wish we could have been dropped off at the other Apostle Island lighthouses

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