WI 24.  Pottawatomie  Lighthouse, Wisconsin
(Rock Island)
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WI 24-A  Pottawatomie
This photo was taken during our chartered flight. 

WI 24-B  Pottawatomie
We were last there during the 1999 Door County Lighthouse Weekend and the lighthouse looked like this at that time.  Several weeks later, a new lantern room was put atop it.  We sure wished they had done it in time for the Lighthouse Weekend.  Now we will have to go back.  If you go, it will require:  a car ferry from Gill's Rock to Washington Island, a walk-on ferry from Washington Island to Rock Island, and quite a hike to the lighthouse.  The first time we hiked out there was mid summer.  It was warm, but not too bad.  However, as soon as we got into the clearing where the lighthouse stood, biting flies attacked us from all sides.  We were going to have another person take our photo in front of the lighthouse, but we couldn't stand still that long.  The last time we went, in 1999, it was Spring and no flies.

 Pottawatomie Lighthouse, Rock Island

These photos were taken in August 2000 by our friends,
Joyce and Ainsley Dixon of Seattle.  They hiked out to the lighthouse just to bring us and you this photo.

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