The Lighthouse People



We would like to show photos of YOU in front of a lighthouse.
  As you send them to us, we will put them here.
  If you don't want your name used, say so, please.



Our favorite saying from Sept. 2000, Yankee Magazine:

There are only two places, Here and Away.  Here, this place, is small, and Away is big, but make no mistake    about it, Here is Here and Away is the other place.  Phil Crossman in an article about Vinalhaven Maine.
 It also fits us.  We are either Here or Away, and while it's nice to be Away, photographing lighthouses, it is always nice to come home to Here, our little house in Fort Walton Beach Florida.

*A lesson in taking YOUR photo at a lighthouse.  Make sure the lighthouse fits in the photo, then YOU come closer to the camera so YOU show up better.  Notice our photos in front of lighthouses.



Lighthouse friend Gordon Snyder sent us these photos from his trip to South Africa.
The first three are Cape Point Light at near the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.

Gordon Snyder at Cape Point Light.

Gordon Snyder at Cape Point Light.

Cape Point Light.

Slangkop Lighthouse, South Africa

Our lighthouse friend, Bruce Robie, recently came by to visit us and visit several Florida Lighthouses.
We have added his photos of Cape San Blas to that page, but here are some photos of Bruce and his story. 
He wrote:


At Port St. Joe, FL
(note the wonderful "Lighthouse People" t-shirt.

At Cape San Blas, FL

Chris Snider at Makapuu, Sept. 2002

Lighthouse friend, Terry Bryant at
the new Walton Lighthouse in 
Santa Cruz Harbor, Cal.

Lighthouse friends
 Debbie James and  Don Wood visit
Portland Head Light, June 2002

Geoff Nelson at Makapuu Lighthouse, on Oahu
June 2002

Bob & Sandra with the manager of the gift shop of Kilauea Point Lighthouse Hawaii.

This is funny.  My sister, Melody Savage, went to Cozumel and had her photo taken in front of the lighthouse for me.

Then, friends from church went there, and Linda Mills and her son J. Paul had their photo taken at the same lighthouse.



Elinore DeWire, author of lighthouse books, does her part in supporting lighthouses.  Right here she is holding up Fisgard lighthouse in British Columbia in a high wind.

Our friends, Tom & Darlene Chisholm, at El Morro in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Our friend, Alex Hale , 4 years old, of Georgia, at Cockspur Island Lighthouse, near Savannah. He is very interested in lighthouses and goes to see as many as possible.  Maybe he will beat OUR record someday.  He is geting a much earlier start.

Fellow Lighthouse Lovers,
 Tommy and Christine Cardaci
of New Jersey
At Grand Haven South Pierhead,
Grand Haven Michigan,
Oct. 2001