NC 2.  Roanoke River Lighthouse, North Carolina
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This little lighthouse is in Edenton NC or was, last we heard.  It was more or less unknown until a few years ago.  We went there and visited the man, Mr. Willey, who owned it, lived in it, and in fact, brought it from it's original site in Pamlico Sound, I believe.  He brought it on a barge, then filled in dirt around it.  When we saw it, it needed a lot of TLC.  Note the little outhouse still hanging over the side.  It was being used for storage, onshore, but out in the Sound, it once had other uses.  Mr. Willey has since died, and we don't know quite what has or will become of the lighthouse.


These photos, dated July 10th, 2007 shows the Roanoke River Light after it had been moved to Edenton to a park where it will be restored and preserved.

Thanks to Bob & Sue Bechtel who sent us the photos.