The rebuilding of Ship Island Lighthouse, 1999-2000
This Lighthouse burned down in 1972.  Due to a dedicated group of people, it was rebuilt.  The Hancock Bank was a major contributor, many volunteers helped.  The Navy SeaBees in Gulfport volunteered many hours to rebuild it. All these photos except the two showing the Coast Guard Helicopter taking the lantern room from the beach to set it atop the lighthouse are courtesy of Rev. C.H. Stone Jr. of Gulfport MS, who's father was one of the keepers of the Ship Island Lighthouse.  The two helicopter shots are courtesy of Mr. McCormick of Gulfport.

Now there is no trace of the rebuilt Ship Island Lighthouse.
It was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, 2005.

The timbers were handcut just like the original timbers.

The SeaBees built the framework on a pier in Gulfport and barged it to Ship Island.

This is it, standing on the foundation of the original wood lighthouse.

SeaBees working on the lighthouse.

The Coast Guard taking the fiberglass lantern room to put it atop the lighthouse.
Again, our photo of the finished product. With the current aids to navigation alongside it.

Rev. C.H. Stone Jr. and his wife Myrtis.  He was the son of the lighthouse keeper and almost 50 years ago, they honeymooned in the lighthouse.  The keepers house had already been destroyed in 1947 by a hurricane.