MS 3.  Ship Island Lighthouse, MS
This lighthouse was destroyed by
Hurricane Katrina.
Only the photos of the restored Ship Island are for sale.  The others were  given to us to use on this page.

The original lighthouse on Ship Island was a round masonry structure built in 1853. It resembled Round Island MS Lighthouse.
 It was damaged in the Civil War and by 1886 declared unsafe. 

The second lighthouse on  Ship Island was built in 1886.  It was a wooden structure built on a foundation.  The photo below is a hand colored photo lent to us by the Rev. C.H. Stone Jr., who's father was one of the keepers of the Ship Island Lighthouse. His brother was in a small boat in the photo.

The lighthouse was damaged by a hurricane in 1947 and again by Hurricane Camille.  In 1972 it was burned down by careless campers. photo courtesy C.H. Stone Jr.

Below are our photos, Aug. 2000

MS 3-v

MS 3-h
Note in the distance you can see a nearly perfect old fort:  Fort Massachusetts, which is open to the public.

Ship Island Excursions goes out to Ship Island every day in the summer and trips in the Spring and Fall.  Call 1-800-388-3290 for information if you wish to go out there.

Rebuilding Ship Island Lighthouse

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