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Hawaii Minor Lights, etc.

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Sr. Chief Tommy Dutton has supplied me with most of these photos.
 They are not for sale, but for your viewing and learning. 
 He says:
"They are all considered minor lights but they all have a "very important" function.  The word minor has to do with the type of lantern and power supply.  Some of these lights have a range up to 12 miles visibility depending on their location, height above sea level and intensity of the light itself.  Some of these lights also have sectors of red, green or white light shining to mark danger areas and center of the channels."

Minor Lights on Maui.  I am having problems with this page and my webmaster is cruising in the Caribbean.  She will fix it when she gets back.

Minor lights on Maui:
      McGregor Point
      Kauiki Head
      Nakalele Point
      Pauwela Point (old and new) 

Minor lights on the Island of Hawaii
      Ka Lae (Southpoint) 
      Coconut Point at Hilo
   The following all on one page:
      Kailua Light
      Kawaihae Light
      Keahole Light
      Kukuihaele Light
      Mahukona Point
      Paukaa Point
      Pepeeko Point

Minor Lights on Kauai
     Kukii Point

Minor Lights on Molokai
      Kaunakakai Front and Rear Ranges

Minor Lights on Oahu
     Pyramid Rock

Minor Lights of
     Kahoolawe and Molokini

(this is a work in progress and we will add lights and photos if we find anymore.
We realize there are many minor beacons in Hawaii as in many other places, but all are not of interest to everyone.)


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