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3.  Barber's Point Lighthouse, Oahu, Hawaii

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HI 3_A.  Barber's Point

HI 3_B  Barber's Point

HI 3_C.  Barber's Point

HI 3_D.  Barber's Point
(We took this photo the night we went to 
Germaines Luau--it is right next to the lighthouse).


HI 3_E.  Barber's Point aerial

The photos below I got from different sources.
Several photos were given to me, others came from the USCG.
The only dates I have are on the two photos showing
 the old and new side by side during the change from old to new
in 1933.  The photo of the old one falling is dated Dec. 29, 1933.
At this time, I do not know what date the lantern room was taken
off the Barber's Point lighthouse.

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Barber's Point 1933

Keeper at new Barber's Point

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