The Lighthouse People



AL 2.  Mobile Point, Alabama
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Mobile Point lighthouse is at Fort Morgan,  a Civil War Fort at the mouth of Mobile Bay.


Mobile Point Lighthouse, soon after it was restored some years back.


This is how it looked when we first saw it.  The story is that it was cut down and sold for junk.  The man who bought it didn't have the heart to cut it up and destroy it, but it stayed in a junkyard for years.  I believe the story goes that after he died, his sons donated it back to the Fort and the Park Service.  If anyone knows different, please let me know.

These two old photos are not for sale.  They are here for your viewing enjoyment.

WE took these two photos at a later date to show
the rust at Mobile Point.

As far as we know, the lighthouse is not at the Fort,
but stored somewhere awaiting a proper restoration.