PR7.  Punta de Figuras Lighthouse, Puerto Rico
(at Arroyo)
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Take a look below.

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Even the old rusting stairs are beautiful.

Punta Figuras Lighthouse is in pretty sad shape as you can see.  We are hoping there will be some interest in preserving some of these old ruins of lighthouses in Puerto Rico.

WE found this on the beach at Arroyo, near the Point Figuras Lighthouse.  
Several people told us it used to be a lighthouse, and also the local Fish & Wildlife
 men came by and agreed.
 The Coast Guard in Puerto Rico has verified it.

These photos are not for sale.

The above photos are courtesy Ruben Rosario,
 Ponce Puerto Rico.  All taken this year:  2003

This photo courtesy Rafael Buxeda Diaz, San Juan
aken this year also.
To look at more of his photos of the restoration: