PR14. Point Borinquen, Puerto Rico

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Point Borinquen PR14-A

This lighthouse is on the Coast Guard Base at Aquadilla.  The keepers house is two apartments, and is rented out for vacation quarters for military people.  This lighthouse was built after the first Point Borinquen Lighthouse was demolished by a tsunami in 1918.

Point Borinquen PR14-B

The first Point Borinquen, now know as the "Ruins of Aquadilla"

Point Borinquen PR14B-A

It was amazing that so much of this lighthouse was still standing after all these years, tsunamis, hurricanes and other storms.  Surely it was not so close to the water in the begining.
This place was so beautiful, it just took our breath away.

Point Borinquen PR14B-B

When we came back from our flight to Mona Island, our pilot flew right over this for us.  It was a duplex apartment quarters, like most of the Spanish built lighthouses of Puerto Rico.  At some of those lighthouses, the tower was attached to one side, but as you can see, even from the ruins, that the tower rose up right in the middle.  Note the round structural remains.

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