PR3.  Isla de Culebrita Lighthouse, Puerto Rico
There are plans to stabilize and possibly restore this lighthouse.
The Municipality has money, plans and permits are being working on this summer.  (2003)

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Note the lighthouse at the top. We took a boat to the Island, then had to hike up the hill.  (felt like a mountain to me).  There were lots of cactus along the trail.  This Lighthouse is on the DOOMSDAY LIST at Lighthouse Digest.  It needs lots of TLC just to stabilize it.

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Culebrita Lighthouse  PR3D

Culebrita Lighthouse  PR3C

WE flew in a small plane out of Culebra airport and shot it from the air as well.

Stairway at Culebrita.  Some of our party climbed to the top.  I did NOT.

The top of the lighthouse, blown off by Hurricane Georges.  The same hurricane that demolished Round Island Mississippi Lighthouse.

Coming down from the Culebrita Lighthouse.

After hiking up the hill to the lighthouse, coming down and having a wonderful picnic and swimming in the Caribbean, we headed  to the boat that took us  back to Culebra.

We took the ferry from Fajardo PR to the Island of Culebra, and stayed there two nights at the Club Seabourne.  Culebra is an experience as well as an Island.  You have to be there.  Culebre and Culebrita both have some beautiful beaches.  There is great diving at Culebra, as well as some interesting and good places to eat.  We ate at Mamacita's and the Dinghy Dock. Both had good food.  (we LOVED Puerto Rican food, and despite all the exercise we got chasing lighthouses, we both gained 5 lbs.