PR13. Isla Mona, Puerto Rico

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Mona Island PR 13-A

The Isla Mona Lighthouse is the only metal tower lighthouse in Puerto Rico and far different from all the others. It's claim to fame is it was built by the man who built the Eiffel Tower. This lighthouse is no longer in use and looks to be in bad shape.

Mona Island PR 13-B

Our first plan was to take a boat to Mona Island.... 50 miles off the Coast of the main Island of Puerto Rico.  It turned out to be expensive, the Straits of Mona are very dangerous the time of year we were there, and we ended up finding a private pilot who flew us there for a VERY reasonable fee.
Thanks, Pete.

Mona Island PR 13-C
IF we had taken the boat to Mona, we still would have had to hike to the lighthouse.  Looks like quite a hike, doesn't it?  We were told that no one lives on Mona, there are only wild goats and GIANT IGUANAS existing there.
We were also told not to wear yellow shoes if we hiked there.  When we asked "why"?  We were told that the divers and hunters fed bananas to the giant iguanas and the iguanas would chase us, thinking our shoes were bananas.  Was someone pulling our legs?  I'll tell you, they might have been, but if we HAD hiked to the lighthouse, there is no way any of us would have worn yellow shoes.
I really was disappointed that we weren't able to get closer to this lighthouse.  It looked very interesting and  worth some attention and closeups.

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