PR11.  Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, Puerto Rico
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Cabo Rojo LIghthouse Pr11-B

This lighthouse was NOT in good shape.  It looked like there had been quite a bit of vandalism.  The door was open and we were able to go in

Cabo Rojo LIghthouse Pr11-D

The cliffs are pretty impressive, and we wondered if sometime the sea would eat the cliffs away and put the lighthouse in danger.

Cabo Rojo LIghthouse Pr11-A
The road to Cabo Rojo was a dirt road and very rough.  We were in a van, 8 of us including our driver.  The road got too bad for the van to travel about 1/2 mile from the lighthouse, so we had to walk the rest of the way.
We were concerned about the condition of this lighthouse, but we heard a group had just received a very large grant to repair it, hopefully, this means this is not on the
"Puerto Rico Lighthouse Doomsday List."

WE got this photo below from Lighthouse Friends Karyn Walters.
As you can see, the work is starting on Cabo Rojo Lighthouse.

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