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We have finished the "FlipBook" (on cd) of 
"Lighthouses of Puerto Rico". (Faros de Puerto Rico).
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Someday we hope to have a print book, but so far have not found a publisher.

               The Shanklins at El Morro, San Juan Puerto Rico

We Love
Puerto Rico

PR1. El Morro, Port San Juan

PR2. Cabezas de San Juan

PR3. Culebrita

PR4. Punta Mulas, Vieques

PR5. Puerto Ferro, Vieques

PR6. Punta Tuna

PR7. Punta Figuras
   7b. Range light ruins on beach in front of Punta Figuras

PR8. Caja de Muerto

PR9. Isla de Cardona

PR10. Guanica

PR11. Cabo Rojo      

PR12. Point Jiguero, Rincon

PR13. Isla Mona

PR14.  Point Borinquen
   & 14B.  The Ruins of first Point Borinquen "the Ruins of Aquadilla"

PR15. Arecibo

Lighthouse of the past:
Cabras Island