LA 1.  Chandeleur Island
As far as we know, this lighthouse
was demolished by Hurricane Katrina.
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LA1-A (2005)
This is possibly one of the last photos
of this lighthouse.

LA1-B (1994)
It was in 1994 when we first went to Chandeleur.  Actually, it was Bob who set foot on the Island, as there was just room for him and the man that ran the little Zodiac, from the larger boat we went out into the Gulf in.  I had been upset that I could only watch from a distance, but after Bob got back to the boat, I was thankful.  It was summertime, it was hot, and there were biting flies all over the island.  Bob couldn't keep them out of his eyes and nose, and when he brushed dozens of them off his arms, blood just ran from the bites.   Since that photo was taken, there have been several devastating  hurricanes, including Georges that smashed Round Island Mississippi lighthouse and Ivan in 2004.  Chandeleur Island has washed away and the lighthouse is in the water.  We reshot it in June of 2005 flying with our favorite pilot, Dr. Dan Roper and his wife, Ann.

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