LA 3. Tchefuncte River Lighthouse
After Hurricane Katrina, does this lighthouse still exist?
(we believe it probably does. It is on the bank of Lake Ponchartrain, but may have had water in it.)
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Tchefuncte River Lighthouse, Louisiana

  Bob took this photo from a boat when we went to several lighthouses with Bruce and Cheryl Roberts.  This lighthouse is at Madisonville LA, but cannot be viewed from the town.  Some friends of ours hiked down the beach to it, but say it was a terrible hike and don't attempt it.
We first viewed it from a marina across the water from it, but our photo wasn't very satisfactory as you couldn't see it's black stripe very well.  So when the Roberts offered us a chance to go with them, we jumped at it.  This day was dark and stormy and Lake Ponchartrain was rough.  Only the men went out in the shallow boat, and while I hated to miss getting closer to the lighthouse, I was very glad to be ashore when I saw them tossed around in the boat.

This wonderful photo was just sent to us by
Lighthouse Friend Cody Sewell
Feb. 2008

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