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Punta Gorda Lighthouse California

Punta Gorda Lighthouse California

Punta Gorda Lighthouse California

Punta Gorda Lighthouse California

When we asked how to get to Punta Gorda Lighthouse in Humboldt County,
 we were told to stay on the beach or we could get
booby trapped or shot.  (It seems that a lot of marijuana is grown there)

We parked in campground 3 miles I think from the lighthouse and started hiking
down the beach.  We were very nervous and felt like we were being watched all along the way.
It was a very difficult hike as the batch was "pea gravel" and not hard sand.  We would sink
to the ankles in the gravel, and just had to slog along.
We finally got there and took our photos, but when we turned around to go back,
a hard wind was blowing in our faces.  At some times it was very difficult to make any
headway.  It took us 3 hours to get back to our car and at times we wondered if we
would make it.  It's another time, I'm glad we did it, but don't think I would tackle it again.