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AL 1.  Middle Bay Lighthouse, Alabama

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This lighthouse is right where it's name says:  The middle of Mobile Bay. 

This lighthouse stood through Hurricane Katrina
although we hear it took a beating.


Al 1C
This is my favorite photo of Middle Bay Light, taken during the Sailboat races a few years ago.

This is our first photo of Middle Bay, some years back.  Notice:  no shutters.

Feb. 26, 2001



We were shocked at the condition of Middle Bay Light.  It looks pretty bad.
After we got home, we called Capt. Hal Pierce, who leads the group that takes care of this lighthouse.  He assured us that plans are in the works to bring this lighthouse to good condition again.

Middle Bay and Sand Island LIghthouses are very difficult to view and photograph.  We always have a hard time finding a  way to get to these two lighthouses.