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Beautiful Barns of the U.S.
You will soon be able to buy these photos in different sizes
in our Store.

Barn 1.
This beautiful round barn is in Washington State
somewhere between Lewiston Idaho
and Spokane Washington

Cade's Cove Barn

This barn is in Cade's Cove in the
Smoky Mtn National Park near Gatlinburg

Cantilevered Barn 1

Cantilevered Barn 2
(In Fall)


The three barns pictured above and to
the left are the same barn,shot at
different times.  It has to be my favorite
barn and I love to visit it in the Smoky
Mountain National Park near
Gatlinburg TN.


Cantilevered Barn 3


WE call this barn:

"Double Mail Pouch"
and we shot it somewhere in Ohio.

Farm in Michigan.
Looks like Winter doesn't it?

Bob calls this one:
"Ghost Barn"
as it looks so abandoned and haunted.
Shot in Colorado.

This is the Jenne Farm in Vermont.
Possibly the most photographed
farm in the U.S.
You have probably seen photos of
it many times on calendars.

This barn was shot in Virginia and
we call it:
"Kentucky Club Barn"

Mail Pouch barn, shot in
West Virginia