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SC 2.
Cape Romain Lighthouse
South Carolina

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Cape Romain Lighthouse
South Carolina

SC 2-A

We had an interesting adventure.  We came to McClellanville SC. less than a year after Hurricane Hugo hit that coast.  The damage of the storm was awe-inspiring.  The man that took us to photograph these lighthouses had lost his business and his home had been flooded, but he was still upbeat and ready to start again.  He took us out in a very small old wooden boat.  I guess it was safe, but we were very happy to get back to shore. This is as close as we got to the lighthouses, and we've always wished we could have gotten ashore.

Some years later, we went out in another boat, a larger one.  We had hoped to get closer to
Cape Romain Lighthouse, but the boat turned out to be too big to get close.  We got these photos below:
As you can see, the newer of the towers has been painted.

Cape Romain Lighthouse
South Carolina

SC 2-B

Cape Romain Lighthouse
South Carolina

SC 2-C

I guess these photos are much alike, but I like them both for different reasons.  I like the water in the 2_C