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  Prudence Island Lighthouse
(Sandy Point)
Rhode Island
RI 7

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Prudence Island Lighthouse
Rhode Island


Prudence Island Lighthouse
Rhode Island


Prudence Island Lighthouse
Rhode Island


Prudence Island Lighthouse
Rhode Island


This lighthouse was once the Newport Harbor Light. 
 It was moved to Prudence Island in 1852.
We had a great experience on Prudence Island.  First of all you have to take a walk-on ferry to the island.  The weather was terrible during the crossing.  It was quite a ways from the ferry landing to the lighthouse, and a nice lady
 we talked to on the ferry said her daughter was picking her up and they would take us there. Well, they lived within view of the lighthouse. While we were taking our photos, the daughter came down, was kind enough to take our photo for us, then invited us to their house for coffee and homemade  cookies.  YUM.  Greatly appreciated, as we were frozen by that time.  She also took us back to the ferry landing.  The ferry was not due for hours and no place to stay warm.
Before boarding the ferry to Prudence Island, we had talked to the ferry pilot, so he knew what we were doing.  Imagine our surprise, when here came the ferry several hours early.  The pilot was worried about us out in the cold and weather, and he went back and loaded (early) some large loads.  I think it was gravel.  Anyway he got us back early and we didn't freeze out there.
People have been so nice to us on our quest.