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OR 6
Heceta Head Lighthouse

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Or 6-A
our first closeup of Heceta Head Lighthouse

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Or 6-B
Longshot from the highway.  I love this view.

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Or 6-D
You have to hike up a trail to get this shot. 
 It takes a bit of exertion.

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Or 6-C
Summer of 2000.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon
This lighthouse is open to the public.  You have to hike quite a way to see it.  You park down near the beach.  In the summer at least, they have it open, with times to climb and tour it.  In 2000, for Bob's 75th birthday, we stayed in the Keeper's House, which is a Bed & Breakfast.  The stay was fun, we met some nice people, and the food was fabulous.  For a B&B adventure, we recommend staying there, but like us, you will probably have to make your reservations a year in advance.  This is one of our favorite lighthouses.
This lighthouse too, is said to have a ghost.  Or at least she is in the Keeper's House.  People have said they have seen her, however we didn't even catch a glimpse.