The Lighthouse People


  Saugerties Lighthouse
New York
NY 35

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 Saugerties Lighthouse
 New York
 NY 35A

 Saugerties Lighthouse
 New York
 NY 35B

 Saugerties Lighthouse
 New York
 NY 35C


 Saugerties Lighthouse
 New York
 NY 35D

Sandra says:
Getting these photos was quite an adventure for me.  When we reached the parking lot at
the beginning of the path to the lighthouse, the Hudson River had flooded the path.
Bob didn't want to walk knee deep in uncharted waters, but I took off my shoes,
slung my cameras around my neck and started wading. It was quite a way and for most of it
I couldn't see lighthouse or path. I just knew it was the path by the  brush and grasses on either
side of where I was walking.  The water was cold and mud squished between my toes.
I was a little worried that there might be something ALIVE down there with the mud.
Finally I got to the lighthouse.  If I remember I had my shoes and put them back on.
 From the angle of the path I couldn't get a good photo.  It seemed it was all for nothing.
The docent felt sorry for me and hailed a family in a boat to take me out further to
get a photo at a good angle.  Then they volunteered to take me to land.
However the place they put me ashore was some distance from where Bob was.
He had been waiting well over an hour, maybe two and was getting worried.
By the time I got to the parking lot, he was taking his shoes off, getting ready to
wade and look for me.  Bob HATES going barefoot or wading barefoot, so
he must have been really worried.