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  Absecon Lighthouse
New Jersey


To buy photos and photo gifts of New Jersey Lighthouses:

Absecon Lighthouse
New Jersey
NJ 10A
This is the first time we saw this
lighthouse, before it was restored.
We were told not to wander far from
our car and be very careful.

Absecon Lighthouse
New Jersey
 NJ 10B
This is a difficult lighthouse
to photograph as it is so tall
and you have to get so far
away to get it in the photo.

Absecon Lighthouse
New Jersey
 NJ 10D
Again, you can see it is difficult to

Absecon Lighthouse
 New Jersey
  NJ 10E

Absecon Lighthouse
View from the lantern room.
  NJ 10G

Absecon Lighthouse
 New Jersey
  NJ 10F
This is much like one above
but I couldn't decide which one
I liked best.

Absecon Lighthouse
 NJ 10C

Absecon Lighthouse
View up the staircase
  NJ 10H

Absecon Lighthouse
 New Jersey
  NJ 10-I


The group at Absecon have
done such a great job at
restoring the lighthouse and
rebuilding the keeper's house.
Even when the restored house
was burned down, they
perservered and rebuilt it.
You can take tours at
Absecon Lighthouse &
at least when we were there,
you could climb the tower.