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Stannard Rock Lighthouse
MI 21

Stannard Rock Lighthouse
MI 21

We chartered a flight out of Marquette to photograph this lighthouse.
The first time we flew in that direction we couldn't see it as there was fog in that area.
We turned west, I think it was, photographed several lighthouses, headed back
toward Stannard Rock.  Still a fogbank over it.  So the pilot agreed to go another direction
and photograph a few lighthouses.  Finally, the last chance.  We were running low on fuel.
The pilot said we had enough gas for one more try.  As we got close, there it was, standing
tall and strong.
For that trip, the pilot took us for the price of the gas.  We didn't know how much gas
a twin engine plane took.  What a surprise.  And he wouldn't take a check or credit card.
It took all the cash we had.  (that was before ATMS, debit cards etc)  We had to travel
on our credit card and were able to get someone to take pity on us to cash a check so we could
buy a coke or a hamburger.
How times have changed.  I bet traveling with just a credit card would be no problem at all
now, in 2007.

I understand that Stannard Rock is the furtherest from land of
all U.S. Lighthouses.  If someone know different, please let me know.