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This page is under construction, I will have it done soon.
As I finish them you can view them or:

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MI   1   Passage Island
MI   2   Rock Harbor
MI   3   Isle Royale
MI   4   Rock of Ages
MI   5   Ontonagan
MI   5B Ontonagan West Pierhead
MI   6   Fourteen Mile Point (ruins)
MI   7   Keweenaw Upper Entrance
MI   8   Sand Hills
MI   9   Eagle River
MI  10  Eagle Harbor
MI  11  Copper Harbor
MI  12  Copper Harbor Range (a pair)
MI  13  Gull Rock
MI  14  Manitou Island
MI  15  Bete Grise (Mendota)
MI  16  Portage River (Jacobsville)
MI  17  Keweenaw Lower Entrance
MI  18  Sand Point
MI  19  Huron Island
MI  20 Big Bay Point
MI  21  Stannard Rock
MI  22  Granite Island
MI  23  Presque Island Harbor Breakwater
MI  24  Marquette Harbor
MI  25  Grand Island Harbor Rear Range
MI  26  Munising Rear Range
MI  27  Munising Front Range
MI  28  Grand Island East Channel
MI  29  Grand Island North
MI  30  Au Sable Point
MI  31  Grand Marais Harbor Range
MI  32  Crisp Point
MI  33  Whitefish Point
MI  34  Point Iroquois
MI  35 Cedar Point Rear Range (ruins)
MI  36  Round Island, St. Marys River
MI  37  DeTour Reef
MI  38  Martin Reef
MI  39  St. Helena Island
MI  40  Lansing Shoals
MI  41  Squaw Island
MI  42  Seul Choix Point
MI  43  Manistique East Breakwater
MI  44  Peninsula Point
MI  45  Minneapolis Shoal
MI  46  Sand Point (Escanaba)
MI  47  Escanaba Harbor
MI  48  Menominee North Pierhead
MI  49  St. Joseph North Pierhead
MI  50  St. Joseph North Pier Inner
MI  51  South Haven South Pierhead
MI  52  *
MI  53  Holland Harbor South Pierhead
MI  54  Grand Haven South Pierhead Entrance
MI  55  Grand Haven South Pierhead Inner
MI  56  Muskegon South Pierhead
MI  57  Muskegon South Breakwater





MI  58  White River
MI  59  Little Sable
MI  60  Pentwater North Pierhead
MI  61  Ludington North Breakwater
MI  62  Big Sable Point
MI  63  Manistee North Pierhead
MI  64  Frankfort North Breakwater
MI  65  Point Betsie
MI  65b Manning Memorial
MI  66  South Manitou Island
MI  67  North Manitou Shoal
MI  68  Grand Traverse
MI  69  Old Mission Point
MI  70  Charlevoix South Pierhead
MI  71  Little Traverse (Harbor Point)
MI  72  South Fox Island (2 Lighthouses)
MI  73  Beaver Island (Beaver Head)
MI  74  Beaver Island Harbor (St. James)
MI  75  Ile Aux Galets (Skillagalee)
MI  76  Grays Reef
MI  77  Waugoshance
MI  78  White Shoal
MI  79  McGulpin Point
MI  80  Old Macinac Point
MI  81  Round Island
MI  81b Round Island Passage
MI  82  Bois Blanc Island
MI  83  Fourteen Foot Shoal
MI  84  Cheboygan Crib
MI  85  Cheboygan River Range
MI  86  Poe Reef
MI  87  Spectacle Reef
MI  88  Forty Mile Point
MI  89  Presque Isle
MI  90  Old Presque Isle
MI  91  Presque Isle Harbor
MI  92  Middle Island
MI  93  Thunder Bay Island
MI  94  Alpena
MI  95  Sturgeon Point
MI  96  Tawas Point
MI  97  Charity Island
MI  98  Gravelly Shoal
MI  99  Saginaw River Rear Range
MI  100 Port Austin Reef
MI  101 Pointe Aux Barques
MI  102 Harbor Beach
MI  103 Port Sanilac
MI  104 Fort Gratiot
MI  105 Peche Island Rear Range
MI  106 St. Clair Flats
MI  107 Lake St. Clair
MI  108 Windmill Point
MI  109 William Livingston Memorial
MI  110 Grosse Ile North Channel
MI  111 Detroit River
MI  112 St. Martin Island
MI  113 Poverty Island
MI  114 Frying Pan Island
MI  115 Pipe Island

*52 is the number we assigned to Kalamazoo
River Light before we realized it was no longer
in existence.