The Lighthouse People


Plymouth Lighthouse
"The Gurnet"
MA 22. 

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     The first two shots below were taken of the Plymouth Light "the Gurnet" in it's original spot, where it was one of two identical towers.  The second one has been gone for many years.
     The cliffs started eroding away and the lighthouse had to be moved a bit back from the sea.
Our two bottom photos show the Plymouth Light on it's new site, not too far from the original spot.

Plymouth Lighthouse
MA 22-A

Plymouth Lighthouse
MA 22-B

Plymouth Lighthouse
MA 22-C


Plymouth Lighthouse
MA 22-D

The Gurnet is a spit of land north of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes you can drive out there with a four wheel drive vehicle, but if it's high tide or the weather is bad, you can't get there at all. There are vacation cottages out there, and at Gurnet Point there is the lighthouse.

It is the Plymouth Light, affectionately called "the Gurnet". It is the surviving sister of a pair of twin lights once erected on that spot.

Many things happened near that lighthouse, before and after it was built. They say the Vikings landed there. There is an Indian burial ground. So close to Plymouth, who's to say how many Pilgrims came there, as well as all those sailors and sea captains.

Really, this is Bob's story, not mine... I was there, but I was sleeping.

We were staying the night at the old lighthouse keeper's house. There was only one other person there, a Coast Guardsman who was doing some repairs in exchange for the privilege of staying there. As far as we knew, we were the only people on the whole Gurnet Point.

After dark, from the room we slept in, we could see the beams from the lighthouse go around. It would darken and lighten like a sign going on and off. We went to sleep, but at some point, something woke Bob. He raised up on his elbow and watched the light come around, illuminating the windows for a few seconds each time. Then he looked over toward me, who was sleeping soundly. Above me, he saw the head and shoulders of a woman. He described her as being a green blue electric spark color. He said she had an old time hairdo, sunken cheeks and the saddest face he ever saw. Bob told me that she wasn't wrinkled and he didn't think she was an old woman. He said he felt no threat from her, but only her sadness. As he watched her, out of the corner of his eye he could see the rays of light from the lighthouse come around several times, brightening the room. He looked toward the light, then looked back to where she had been and she was gone.

The next morning he asked several people if there had ever been a ghost on the Gurnet. The people we talked to said "NO".

Since Bob has a white beard and has been told at times that he looks like a sea captain, we often wondered if the sad lady was reminded of someone she had loved and lost to the sea in times past, someone who disappeared without a trace and she never gave up waiting and watching for him.

A film company was doing a story of Ghosts and Lighthouses for The Learning Channel.
They  flew us to Boston the 16th of October of that year for Bob to tell his story at the Lighthouse. The movie is usually shown around Halloween.
 Watch for Bob in it.