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Maine Lighthouses
The numbers on this page correspond to the numbers in our book:
"List of All Existing U.S. Lighthouses"
To buy photos of Maine Lighthouses, click here

ME  1.  Whitlocks Mill
ME  2.  Lubec Channel
ME  3.  West Quoddy Head
ME  4.  Little River
ME  5.  Machias Seal
  (Canadian maintained)

ME  6.  Libby Island
ME  7.  Moose Peak
ME  8.  Nash Island
ME  9.  Narraguagus (Pond Island)
ME 10. Petit Manan
ME 11. Prospect Harbor Point
ME 12. Winter Harbor
ME 13. Egg Rock
ME 14. Bear Island
ME 15. Baker Island
ME 16. Mount Desert Rock
ME 17. Great Duck Island
ME 18. Bass Harbor
ME 19. Blue Hill Bay
ME 20. Burnt Coat Harbor
  (Hockamock Head) (Swans Island)

ME 21. Saddleback Ledge
ME 23. Deer Island Thorofare/  Mark Island
ME 24. Eagle Island
ME 25. Pumpkin Island
ME 26. Dice Head
ME 27. Fort Point
ME 28. Grindle Point
ME 29. Curtis Island
ME 30. Goose Rock
ME 31. Indian Island
ME 32. Browns Head
ME 33. Heron Neck
ME 34. Rockland Breakwater
ME 35. Owls Head
ME 36. Two Bush Island
ME 37. White Head
ME 38. Tenants Harbor
ME 39. Marshall Point
ME 40. Matinicus Rock
ME 41 Monhegan Island
ME 42. Franklin Island
ME 43. Pemaquid Point
ME 44. Ram Island
ME 45.  Burnt Island 
ME 46. The Cuckolds
ME 47. Hendricks Head
ME 48. Sequin Island
ME 49. Pond Island
ME 50. Perkins Island
ME 51. Squirrel Point
ME 52. Doubling Point Range
ME 53. Doubling Point
ME 54. Portland Breakwater/
  Petroleum Docks

ME 55. Spring Point Ledge
ME 56. Ram Island Ledge
ME 57. Portland Head
ME 58. Halfway Rock
ME 59. Cape Elizabeth/ Two Lights
ME 60. Wood Island
ME 61. Goat Island
ME 62. Cape Neddick/ Nubble
ME 63. Boon Island
ME 64. Whaleback
ME 65. Ladys Delight