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 Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4.

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The photos right below are new in Fall 2009, but below them, look at the older photos
before Little River Lighthouse was restored.

Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4-6


Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4-10


Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4-11


Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4-12


Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4-13


Little River Lighthouse, Maine
ME 4-14


Little River Lighthouse, ME 4-A

Capt. Andy Patterson of Cutler Maine
took us out to Little River. At that time it was
pretty much abandoned and not in good shape.
Since then it has been wonderfully restored
as you can see from the photos at the top.

Little River Lighthouse, ME 4-B

After photographing this lighthouse in the fog,
 our pilot headed out to sea to find Machias Seal
Lighthouse.  The fog was thick and we were flying
by GPS.  Our pilot said if we missed it, "next stop,
Europe"! Fortunately, we found Machias Seal
Lighthouse emerging  from the furrows of fog.


Tim Harrison took us to the lighthouse
with his John Deere tractor & trailer.
We had a wonderful picnic with Tim,
Kathy Finnegan and our Lighthouse
Sidekicks, Tom and Darlene Chisholm.

Shanklins at Little River Lighthoue
Sept. 2009

Inside the Keeper's House at
Little River Lighthouse.
Tim Harrison and the Shanklins
taking it easy.