The Lighthouse People

ME 20.
Burnt Coat Harbor/Hockamock Head Lighthouse
(Swans Island)

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Burnt Coat Harbor Maine
ME 20-A

Burnt Coat Harbor Maine
ME 20-B

Burnt Coat Harbor Maine
ME 20-A

We had allocated a whole day to be on Swans Island. (you have to make ferry reservations). 
We had the reservations for months, but because I had not read the very smallest print on the confirmation, the lady in the office at the ferry landing was not going to let us on.
(despite the fact that we were there over an hour early and the ferry wasn't full). 
However, the ferry captain prevailed on her to let us on.  We went straight to the lighthouse,
 which was obscured by fog.  We wandered around a bit, then went to explore more of the island, hoping the sun would come out.  It did.  On every part of the island except the lighthouse area.
  We visited the lighthouse three times and finally gave up on sunshine, but we have some
fine foggy shots.  If that is the way it always is, they really needed a lighthouse on that
spot in the early days.