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  Chandeleur Island Lighthouse
LA 1.
Since Hurricane Katrina, this lighthouse no longer exists.
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Chandeleur Island Lighthouse

This is possibly  the one of the last photos
of this lighthouse. It was taken about 6 weeks.
before Hurricane Katrina.


Chandeleur Island Lighthouse



Chandeleur Island Lighthouse

Chandeleur Island Lighthouse


LA1-B (1994)
It was in 1994 when we first went to Chandeleur.
  Actually, it was Bob who set foot on the Island,
as there was just room for him and the man
that ran the little Zodiac,
from the larger boat we went out into the Gulf in.
 I had been upset that I could only watch
from a distance, but after Bob got back to the boat,
 I was thankful.  It was summertime, it was hot,
and there were biting flies all over the island. 
Bob couldn't keep them out of his eyes and nose,
and when he brushed dozens of them off his arms,
blood just ran from the bites. 
  Since that photo was taken, there have been
 several devastating  hurricanes, including Georges
 that smashed Round Island Mississippi lighthouse and Ivan in 2004.
 Chandeleur Island has washed away
and the lighthouse was in the water.
  We reshot it in June of 2005 flying with our favorite pilot,
Dr. Dan Roper and his wife, Ann.
Now we hear Hurricane Katrina demolished the
Chandaleur Island Lighthouse.

See below for older photos from the U.S. Coast Guard.

For archival photos of Chandaleur Island Lighthouse


Rex Caffey from LSU
sent me these photos of Chandaleur.
They are not for sale, but simply
for your viewing pleasure.

The photo to the left was taken in 2003,
and the two below in 2005, not long
before Hurricane Katrina.  Much about the
same time as ours, above.
These two below may well BE the last
photos of the Chandaleur Island Light.

He also sent me info on a website about
Chandaleur Island