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Savannah Harbor Light Georgia
(Also known as The Beacon Range Light)

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Savannah Harbor Light

This is an interesting light.  It is in Emmet
Park in Savannah.  It was built in 1858 to
guide ships in the Savannah River.

It is built of cast iron, looking much like an
ornamental street light, except it is 25-30 feet
tall.  It showed a red light.  It was turned off
during World War II and I have found no
record so far, saying it was ever used again.

Florence Martus was the daughter &
sister of the lighthouse keepers on Elba
Island, near Savannah.  She waved to the
ships coming in and out of the harbour
and she also helped rescue many sailors.
The legend is that she fell in love with him,
he never came back and she waved at each
ship coming in, hoping he was on it.

The Waving Girl
She is at the foot of the hill, below the
Savannah Harbor Light.