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 Sapelo Island Lighthouse


To buy photos of Lighthouses of Georgia, click here:

Sapelo Island Lighthouse Georgia
Before restoration.


Sapelo Island Lighthouse Georgia
After restoration


Sapelo Range Lighthouse Georgia
Before restoration.


Sapelo Range Lighthouse Georgia
After restoration, showing the main
lighthouse also.


The oilhouse at Sapelo Island
lighthouse before restoration.


This rosette is part of the Sapelo Range
Lighthouse.  We are so glad it was
restored and saved.

Sapelo Island Lighthouse Georgia

Us, Bob and Sandra Shanklin
at the Sapelo Lighthouse before
it was restored.


This lighthouse was once on Sapelo,
to take the place of the earlier lighthouse
that still remains.  This photo was
taken of its current location,
South Fox Island Michigan.


Above, though hard to see, are the cement
foundations and bolts for the metal lighthouse that
 was once here on Sapelo.  As you can see,
the oilhouse for this lighthouse still exists.

Sapelo Island Revisited