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Lighthouses of Connecticut

You can buy photos of Connecticut lighthouses, click here:

  CT  1.    Stonington
CT  2.    Mystic Seaport (a replica lighthouse)
CT  3.    Morgan Point
CT  4.    Avery Point
CT  5.    New London Ledge
CT  6.    New London Harbor
CT  7.    Lynde Point
CT  8.    Saybrook Breakwater
CT  9.    Falkner (Faulkner's) Island
CT  10.  Five Mile Point
CT  11.  Southwest Ledge
CT  12.   Stratford Point
CT  13.   Bridgeport Breakwater
CT  14.   Fairweather Island
CT  15.   Penfield Reef
CT  16.   Pecks Ledge
CT  17.   Norwalk (Sheffield Island)
CT  18.   Greens Ledge
CT  19.   Stamford Harbor
CT  20.   Great Captain Island