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This cute little lighthouse is being restored.  We have heard
that a new lantern room is being built and will be put on
the lighthouse.

All these photos are in our book: "Lighthouses of Alaska")

To buy photos of Alaska lighthouses click here:

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-A

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-B

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-C

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-D

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-E

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-F

Point Retreat Alaska AK6-G


  We first flew over this lighthouse, but at the time
 we were unable to land on the helo pad. 
   A week or so later, we went there on a Coast Guard boat.
The tide was out and we had to climb from the boat up to
that dock that you can see in the A photo.

  After we climbed up to a certain level, we had to swing
onto the deck.  Probably a challenge for folks even a bit
more athletic that we are.