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This lighthouse has to be my favorite of all the Alaska lighthouses. 
For one thing, I never thought we'd get there.  When the helicopter was turned
off, we could hear no sounds of man.  The only thing we could here was the sound
of wind blowing through the grass.
This is one of the few original lighthouses in Alaska and it is an unusual octagonal building.

All these photos are in our book: "Lighthouses of Alaska")
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Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-A

Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-B

Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-C

Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-D
This is my favorite photo of
Eldred Rock.  It has the feeling of
the isolation and mystery that
we felt on that rock.


Bob & Sandra Shanklin
at Eldred Rock.

Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-H


Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-F

Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-I

Eldred Rock Alaska AK4-E

View from the lantern room.