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All these photos are in our book: "Lighthouses of Alaska")

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Cape St. Elias AK2-A

This lighthouse is very isolated on
Kayak Island.  Such a beautiful place.
This lighthouse is not in very
 good condition.

Cape St. Elias AK2-B

This is the whole lightstation
with the mountain behind it.

Cape St. Elias AK2-C

This is my favorite shot with
the Coast Guard helicopter on
the pad.

Cape St. Elias AK2-D

As well as showing the helicopter
on the pad, this shot shows the giant
Pinnacle Rock, seen through the
window panes of the lantern room.

Cape St. Elias AK2-E

To me, this is the most awe-inspiring. 
It shows the mountain which dwarfs
the lighthouse.  (toward the left)

Cape St. Elias AK2-F

Another shot of Pinnacle Rock, shown
above the roof of Cape St. Elias Lighthouse.