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FL 18.  Loggerhead Key Lighthouse, Florida
(Dry Tortugas)

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FL 18-A

Note the old dog in the photo.  His name was Wally, and he "owned" the Island.  He was the Coast Guard mascot, brought to Loggerhead as a pup.  The Coasties came and went, but Wally stayed and took care of the lighthouse.  I noticed rat traps in the trees and asked our Coastie guide why they didn't get a cat.  He looked very shocked and said "OH NO!  Wally doesn't like cats".

I have found out that Wally is buried on Loggerhead Key where he lived his life
 and I am told there is a little plaque on the dock where he greeted all his guests.

FL 18-B
This was taken when we went out there in a seaplane, while the Coast Guard still was stationed on the Island.

This was taken in 2003, after the National Park Service removed the non-native trees. This photo could not be enlarged to larger than a 5x7.

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